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Southern Honey Bee is pleased to know that you concern to Vietnamese honey. It is my pleasure to send you this letter and introduce you the products of Southern Honey Bee company, Vietnamese honey.

Southern Honey Bee is the unique private company that specializes in exploiting, producing, and marketing the products of honey in Vietnam. Our yearly-average output reaches from 2,000 to 2,500 tons of natural honey that meets the export quality. Our products have been marketed to many nations worldwide such as United State, Japan, Canadian, German, Spain  etc…

The following information is, for reference, some characteristics of all kinds of the Vietnamese honey that we market:

 Moisture: 18. 5% Max
 Reducing sugar: 65% Min
 Sucrose: 5% Max.
 HMF: 20 mg/Kg Max.
 Diastase: 10 Gote Min.
 Free axid: 40m Val/Kg Max.
 Free from any antibiotic.

(In accordance with USDA and USFDA food law, Standard Vietnamese export quality).

Southern Honey Bee have two main nectar flows that graded the best honey products:
   * Rubber honey  (honeydew–leaves honey): the customers have use requirements in the food industry who prefer this category. This honey is exploited directly from rubber tree (when it changes its young leaves), every year reckoning from Feb. - May.
   * Longan honey  (flower honey): it is the honey kind able to sell directly to consumers that the Asia market prefer. This honey is exploited directly from the longan tree flowers, every year from May - July and november.

Packaging: 300 kgs drum  covered inside  being suitable for food.
64 drums / 01 container (20’)
New drum only with plastic safe seal.
Pricing: As a private company, Southern Honey Bee are more predominant in competition the prices than state-owned sectors. Moreover, to broaden our market, we are willing to offer the best competitive prices.
The above are some features of Vietnamese honey products of Southern Honey Bee Company. If you would like to learn more about our products, you may write to Southern Honey Bee Company, Ltd.
It will be the pleasure of Southern Honey Bee to serve you.

Nguyen Thanh Tung
Vice Director

The Southern Honey Bee Co., Ltd.

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